International Bath Day pays tribute to Archimedes and creativity in the tub

International Bath Day, celebrated annually on June 14, was founded in 2016 to pay tribute to ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes’ bath time revelation.

The holiday was added to the National Day Calendar by the website’s registrar in 2016 to pay tribute to Archimedes’ discovery that an object’s volume could be accurately measured by submerging it in water.

Legend has it that Archimedes, born in the year 287 B.C., made his discovery while sitting in the bathtub and celebrated the revelation by running through the streets proclaiming, “Eureka, eureka!”

The mathematician’s discovery was said to have occurred one week before the start of summer, the date known today as June 14.

The National Day Calendar said the holiday is meant to spark bath time creativity in children and adults alike.

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