Where the Rugby fives game was invented

Rugby school is missing from your list of independent schools that play the game of Rugby fives (London state school pupils train to take on private schools at Rugby fives, 16 June). Of course we play it – the game was invented here! It is the second world-famous team game that was created at Rugby school, the other being rugby football in 1823; we shall be celebrating its bicentenary next year.
Peter Green
Executive headmaster, Rugby School Group

Your obituary of Geoff Fuller did not do justice to the pub he created. His mock grumpy landlord act of sitting by the fire reading his paper seemed to generate odd events – a couple of pheasants on the counter, a long-eared owl on a chair, an impromptu a capella recital by German walkers. I have never seen “Rabbit’s liver cooked in Dubonnet” on a menu anywhere else. He will be missed.
Bernard Brownsword
Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire

As a retired university teacher, I welcome your article (Girls do like hard maths, says children’s commissioner for England, 17 June), but it would have been more convincing if the accompanying picture had shown a mathematical equation, not a chemical one.
Prof John Kilner
Ewell, Surrey

We left Northampton on our narrowboat at the start of May, travelling down the River Nene to Peterborough, then across the middle level navigations to Denver and up the River Great Ouse and its tributaries to Ely. At every one of the moorings we have heard at least one cuckoo (Letters, 14 June). Or maybe the same one is following us.
Mick Geraghty
Narrowboat Oleanna, River Cam