Baby emu learns to run with help of custom wheelchair

A baby emu at a North Carolina sanctuary is enjoying restored mobility after being outfitted with a custom wheelchair.

Rhonda Farrell, founder of Bella View Farm Animal Sanctuary in Franklin, said the emu was found in poor condition at a farm in Wisconsin.

Farrell said the emu had a slipped tendon and was being kept in a tote bag before being brought to her sanctuary, which specializes in special needs animals.

Farrell had the emu, dubbed Lemu, outfitted with a custom wheelchair from company Walkin’ Pets. Farrell said there are also seven goats at her rescue that use wheelchairs.

Walkin’ Pets posted a video to YouTube showing Lemu running with help from his new set of wheels.

“The wheels help stimulate him and prevent him from getting depressed,” Farrell told the company.